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“Whoreporate Censorshit
 Rock, Electronic, Synth Pop

One man band, independent portuguese synth-rocker Tsunamiz released his second album “Whoreporate Censorshit” on the 20th of March.



The record is available worldwide at almost every digital store including iTunes and Amazon.
The album consists of twelve tracks all composed, performed and produced by Tsunamiz that go from indie-rock to synth-pop.
The follow up to “Evil Live”, the artist’s first record, is faithful to Tsunamiz’s D.I.Y. ethic and according to himself: “it’s many different things at the same time and even contradicting ones. It’s punk and dance, it’s rock and
electronic… The people who enjoyed the first album will also like this one.”


“Whoreporate Censorshit”


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Tsunamiz is currently touring Portugal and on April the 17th will release the second video and single out of the new album for the song “The Sun God”.



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