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release “Journey To The Pink Planet”
out on December 2nd 2022

Journey to the Pink Planet is a quest for self-discovery. We often travel around the world to reach a deeper level of understanding: we grow up, explore, and seek our own path. The journey itself is the experience that changes us, gives us awareness, and allows us to find our true selves.
Journey to the Pink Planet is a paradox made possible by the human mind, which leads us to greater inner awareness through physical and spiritual experiences. We don’t know who we are, but now we know WE ARE. And this album is our story.

Lorenzo Barutta: guitar
Silvio Tozzato: bass guitar
Marco Sebastiano Alessi: drums

"Journey To The Pink Planet"  

[December 2, 2022]
psychedelic rock, stoner
Venezia, Italy

Label / Booking / Press: 

Argonauta Records


Recorded and mixed in October 2021at the Overdrive Recording Studio, Castello di Godego (TV), Italy.
Mastered by The Boiler Room, Chicago (IL), USA.
Backing vocals in It’s Not the Reason by Mattia Filippetto.
Backing sound effects on Agarthi and Foreign Lane by BBC Sound Effects.

… “Agarthi”



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