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The band have toured across Europe in support of Soma in the last 5 years and gained a reputation for their loud and energetic shows. The album has 3 drummers under its belt and countless breakdowns on the road. With the pandemic kicking in just as the band started touring, they had plenty of time to finally record (and find another drummer). Terraform is a record 5 years in the making due to sheer bad luck. Hopefully, their luck will change as the band are already working on their follow up record.

The first single Black Door approaches the subject of corruption amongst ‘leaders’. The idea comes from Boris Johnson getting Brexit ‘done’ to forward his own career without thinking about the impact it will have on peoples lives. We’ve had enough and we’re ready to tear down the establishment. The idea being that these problems we now face will follow us wherever we go unless we stamp them out, here, on earth.

Yo No Se
[June 18, 2021]
rock, heavy psych, post-grunge
Base:  Bristol, UK
Label / Booking / Press: 
Stolen Body Records

order ► https://www.stolenbodyrecords.co.uk/ 

The artwork for the cover is by renowned sci-fi artist Bruce Pennington.

Line up
Alex Studer: Guitar, Vocals
Jason Strickland: Bass
Matt Neicho: Drums


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