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The Springs
release “Kabuki Theater”
out August 27th 2022

“After two years I’m sincerely happy to see this project coming to life.
Kabuki Theater is finally here.
I’m extremely proud and happy about this record, and I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you will enjoy it too!

This one goes out to pretty much all of my friends: you mean the world to me, and thank you for bearing with me for so long; it’s been a wild ride.”

"Kabuki Theater"  

The Springs
[August 27, 2022]
alternative, emo rock, indie rock, noise rock
Cagliari, Italy


Thank you Al Hussein, you’ve been foundamental with your superb work.
Thank you Boss (Kyro) for the artworks and all your patience.
Thank you Ci, Tzo, Nico and everybody (I will never stop saying thanks to you).
You’ve been very kind and supportive towards me: believe me, it’s the bare minimum that I can do to repay for putting your faith in me.

Thanks to unsaidponcho: I hope you are still out there.
As always: thank you Leftover Crack and thank you The Replacements!
As it was yesterday, and as it will be tomorrow:
“Thank you father, goodbye mother; and to all the children… congratulations”
This goes out to everybody out there.


… “The Poetry Of Destruction”



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