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The Spiritual Bat
“Mission : Create” 
out on February 28th 2022

Mission:Create is rituals, musings and meanderings into a dilated, dystopian Now, casting sounds for kindred souls to heed, a Call to arms for Creatives, urging you to grasp visions in the Darkness, to never let the Visions fade away into Oblivion. Mission:Create is incantations, inciting you to keep on creating, to keep on building bridges in the Vacuum, through your art, no matter how insignificant this might seem in the universal scheme of things, and despite the sense of doom. Because it matters. Performing rituals to save ourselves and the world.

“Mission : Create”
The Spiritual Bat
[February 28, 2022]
darkwave, deathrock, gothic rock, post punk

on SwissDarkNights Label


Dario Passamonti: Music, Guitar, Bass, Arrangements
Rosetta Garrì: Lyrics, Vocals, Sequencing, Drum Arrangements
Emilio Torella: Bass and Keyboards on “Harmonix” and “Warrior” (including arrangements); Bass on “Close Your Eyes”; Keyboards on “Heroes Anymore”
Greg Scott Cruz: Keyboards on “Mission”, “Close Your Eyes” and “To The Kuiper Belt”
Alessio Santoni (Volume, Ufip, Facus): Acoustic Drums

Produced by The Spiritual Bat
Mixed by Andrea Palumbo
Mastering by Andrea Palumbo (CD)
Mastering by Marco Milanesio (LP)

Original Artwork: Lamberto Bracaglia (I Pittori Alchimisti)
Graphic Design: Emilio Torella
Label: Swiss Dark Nights

… “Warrior”



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