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release “Bed Of Thorns”
out on March 17th 2023

We are happy to present our latest studio work “Bed of Thorns”: a socially engaged EP, for which we have chosen a definitely darker and more aggressive sound compared to our previous discography. We have always felt deeply concerned about the topics it deals with, ranging from the right of every individual to self-determination, to existential crisis, to the defense of LGBTQIA+ rights, to the veil of appearances and falsehood generated by the social media, up to climate and environmental upheavals. Bringing attention and raising the awareness of our audience on these issues are the goals behind “Bed of Thorns”

These are extremely current and controversial topics, in our opinion almost always ignored or minimized by society in general, and especially by governments and institutions that should be the first to take a stand on the matter. Uncomfortable issues of which we are all aware, but which many of us choose not to see, because closing our eyes to difficulties is easier than facing them. In the end, however, the sense of guilt always comes, inexorably, to sting and scratch our conscience, and doesn’t leave it even when it seeks shelter in the illusory and reassuring dream that everything is fine. Hence the title of the EP and its cover, on which thick brambles cling to and wound an ethereal and androgynous figure. We deliberately chose it inspired by Lady Oscar, to represent lost purity and the universality of the message we want to convey, addressed to every human being, without distinction, so that they awaken and understand the importance of not to remain indifferent.  

The release of “Bed of Thorns” was accompanied by the release of the single “Invisible War”, Nature’s cry of rebellion against humanity, that has been abusing her for millennia causing irreparable damage, destruction and death. It is a “dark” and fiery song, crowned by melodic and powerful vocals: aspects that we have carefully reproduced in the atmosphere and costumes of the official music video. It must be said that each track of our EP has a very specific character, which makes it unique without creating discontinuity between one and the other. A bit like us: five people with very different personalities, styles and music preferences, but who together form the perfect combination. The explosive “Play with Thunder” is followed by the poignant “Sangue Amaro”, then moving on to the disruptive “Il Velo di Maya” and the hopeful “The Terrace”, to conclude with the aforementioned “Invisible War”. A treasure trove of five pearls with different shapes and colors, where we have also given space to our mother tongue, Italian, to satisfy the tastes – and ears – of all our listeners. 

"Bed Of Thorns"  

[March 17, 2023]
hard rock, alternative metal
Modena, Italy

Label / Booking / Press: 

Superbia Music Group

… “Invisible War”



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