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[March 21st, 2017]

Self Produced / Atomic Stuff Promotion


metal, rock, rock’n’ roll horror


Dead & Breakfast comes from a town in northern Italy called Lodi, or from Hell, if you prefer: that is where, at the dawn of horror, the band was formed in the fall of 2007. The name was inspired by a song of Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, the sound is horror rock. Ten years after the birth, while drinking Jack Daniel’s and devouring bassists, the band made an EP and two full-length albums and held almost a thousand gigs, sharing the stage with Raw Power, Warmblood, Gerson and many others. The new album “Rebirth”, the fourth studio work of their career, marks the evolution towards a more developed and evaluated sound, more metal oriented than previous albums “The Zombie Show” and “Worst Case Scenario”, characterized by their punk rock attitude. It’s the result of a deep line-up change, the release of two historical members and the entry of the third Dead & Breakfast “Gigio” (guitar and vocals), able to adapt immediately to the radical change taking place in the band. A true “renaissance”, therefore, personal and artistic. Welcome to the Zombie Show…




Pachu – Vocals / Bass
Gigio – Guitar / Vocals
Piffy – Drums




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Atomic Stuff

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