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“Seeing It All”

indie/ synth rock

Their newest single, “Seeing It All,” is a pulsating synth rock track that moves with an abandoned air of freedom. The sound itself was meticulously crafting, weighing the heavy synth sound expertly with orchestrated band instrumentation, to build arcing, distorted guitars that soar above the aggressive baseline. All well keeping a dynamic pop-infused flair. It fits well with the subject matter, a relationship where two become one so desperately that they lose themselves in the process. As the music progresses, the discovery of that lost sense of self materializes, before the booming realization that they need to find themselves again hits hard.


Pubblicato il 19/04/2017

The coinciding video for “Seeing It All” is a literal reflection of how easy it is for “us” instead “I” to become the norm in all of our lives. A moody, atmospheric performance video, there are bits and pieces of storytelling that come to life throughout. The scattered reflection of a couple that stands together, who can’t see one without the other, becomes a confused, disoriented picture when they’re by themselves. It’s an understated look at how each of us have the ability to lose ourselves to another. Be sure to check out Calais’ “Seeing It All” released by Beatstone, distributed by INgrooves.


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Sera Roadnight
MT Press



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